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04:27 PM, August 25, 2015

Poland’s defense contractor Huta Stalowa Wola developed Krab (Crab) artillery system fitted with Korean Samsung Techwin K9 chassis is being displayed for the first time.

Shortly after the International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) that is held from 1st September to the 4th September in Poland this year, the self-propelled howitzer will be tested, Dziennik Zbrojny a monthly polish defense magazine reported.

The company expects the completion of tests later this year. Already the first chassis contains some of the Polish elements such as a generator or communication system.

There is a plan to supply the entire battalion (Regina program), consisting of 24 Krab (Crabs) till the end of 2017. All chassis for the first battalion and another 12 are to come from the Republic of Korea. The other, in the number of at least 84 units, is supposed to be built in Poland. There are already few finished turrets waiting for the chassis.

The Polish Army has been already using 8 Crabs as the part of the test battalion-module with the chassis from Bumar-Łabędy.

The Army and the producer of turrets evaluated current Polish chassis manufactured for the first 8 Crabs. These disadvantages include hull cracks, weak cooling system resulting in overheating of the engine, fluid leaks from the engine, leaky fuel system and exhaust system.

By 2020, it is expected that the Polish Army will purchase 120 Crab 155 mm howitzers for five artillery battalions by 2020

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