South And North Korean Boundaries Reach Peacetime Levels

  • Our Bureau
  • 02:02 PM, August 31, 2015
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South and North Korea militaries have relaxed the defense postures at their boundaries to armistice levels.

South and North Korea raised their militaries' readiness levels following the tensions over a land mine explosion and ensuing artillery exchange earlier this month.

"The highest alert level issued for front-line units and the 'Jindotgae-1' issued at times of heightened local threats by the enemy have all been lifted," a South Korean military official was quoted as saying by The Korea Herald on Sunday.

"Now, our defense posture has returned to peacetime levels," the military official added.

The two sides signed an agreement to end the hostilities and expand cross-border ties on Tuesday.

Another military official said North Korea has lifted its special duty order for front-line units along with the quasi-war state declared by leader Kim Jong-un ahead of the deal.

North Korea also seems to have sent troops that had been deployed to front-line areas during the stand-off back to their original units, the official said. 

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