Our Bureau
03:54 PM, September 1, 2015

The French Armed Forces have expanded their use of MASA's constructive simulation software with the acquisition of a global license for the company's SWORD automated war-game.

SWORD provides an immediate solution to SOULT (the simulation program for Combined Forces and Ground Logistics Units' Operations), for the operational preparation of Combined Forces at division, brigade, and battle group command posts.

SWORD is an automated war game that is powered by innovative artificial intelligence technology, enabling simulated units to act according to the Army's doctrine validated by subject matter experts.

This capability means large-scale exercises are conducted in the most realistic way possible, while minimizing the combined operating costs and animation effort. Preparing military staff for action is made much more efficient by training in a realistic operational environment, with joint forces and allies, in a variety of different battlefield scenarios.

"The deployment of SWORD by the Army is the culmination of a process that responds optimally to the needs expressed by the Armed Forces.” Squadron Commander Thierry Cadot, Program Manager of SOULT said.

The requirement for training supported by simulation has never been more evident than at the start of Operation Sentinelle, the operation set up by the French Army in response to the terrorist attacks.

The fragmentation of the armed forces has made it necessary to have flexible training tools that lets to work effectively with reduced staff numbers and simulate a large variety of situations.