Israel Unveils ‘Iron Dome of the Sea' missile defense system

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  • 11:09 AM, September 4, 2015
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Israel Unveils ‘Iron Dome of the Sea' missile defense system
Missile defense system ‘Iron Dome of the Sea'

The Israeli Navy on Wednesday has unveiled its new missile defense system ‘Iron Dome of the Sea’ in a defense exercise.

The defensive exercise was conducted, focusing on Israel navy's Shayetet 13 unit expelling terrorists, who had captured the Yam Tethys gas field off the coast of the southern Israeli port.

Navy commander Brigadier Ram Rotberg listed potential threats to Israel, including the Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missile, reportedly in the hands of Hezbollah and the Syrian army, after leading a tour of military correspondents.

Another is the Iranian Ababil drone, which is believed to have been upgraded with navigation capabilities and the ability to carry tens of kilos of explosives, DEBKAfile reported.

The Navy also unveiled its counter-measures, including the Barak 8 multi-purpose seaborne missile defense system, which protects gas rigs in the sea just as the Iron Dome protects assets on land.

For defending its oil rigs against air attacks, Israel should design a defense system more effective than its Iron Dome because Iron Dome works just a small fraction of the time, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology analysis. 

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