Rheinmetall Offers Boxer Reconnaissance Vehicle To Australia

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  • 03:47 PM, September 4, 2015
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Rheinmetall Offers Boxer Reconnaissance Vehicle To Australia
BOXER 8x8 Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle

Rheinmetall has offered the latest BOXER 8x8 Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle, Lance Turret and Northrop Grumman C4ISR Architecture to Australia.

The company announced Thursday that it has submitted a bid in response to the Australia’s LAND 400 Phase 2 - Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability request for tender.

The BOXER 8x8, a joint development of Rheinmetall and KMW, provides mobility, capacity and survivability that allow the vehicle to operate effectively across the full spectrum of combat operations, while the vehicles inherent adaptability allows it to evolve as requirements and threats change.

If selected for LAND 400, the BOXER Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) will provide the Australian Army a low risk capability that can be rapidly transitioned into service and easily supported through life.

The Rheinmetall LANCE turret is a mature system that is in-service with a NATO country. LANCE generates a range of scalable, precise and effects to deal with threats on the current and future battlefield.

Rheinmetall is committed to the creation of an enduring Australian capability beyond the minimum LAND 400 Australian Industry Capability (AIC) requirements. The company has successfully completed a comprehensive supplier engagement activity with more than three hundred Australian Companies.

Through this process Rheinmetall has selected Supacat to be the first Australian company to be part of the BOXER CRV team.

“Delivering the best possible protection to Australian armed forces - in line with the demanding protection specifications - is a non-negotiable objective for our LAND 400 team.” Andrew Fletcher, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Australia, said.

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