Lockheed To Modernize Aegis Combat Systems On US Navy Ships

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  • 11:15 AM, September 5, 2015
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Lockheed To Modernize Aegis Combat Systems On US Navy Ships
Aegis System Elements Photo Credit: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has won a $428 million contract to continue modernizing Aegis combat systems on US Navy ships.

The US Navy awarded Lockheed an initial contract worth $26.5 million, including options.

Under the contract, the company announced Friday that it will install the hardware as well as software needed for the combat system on board new Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. Further, it modernizes existing destroyers and cruisers to operate the latest version of Aegis, Baseline 9.

The system allows ships to defend simultaneously against airborne threats, such as aircraft or cruise missiles, while also targeting and intercepting ballistic missiles.

"When a ship goes into harm’s way, the combat system must work 100 percent of the time – there is no margin of error,” said Chris Minster, a senior program manager with Lockheed.

"Whether it is designing a system for a brand new ship or working hand-in-hand with sailors pierside, Ship Integration and Test is there to deliver." He added.



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