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03:16 PM, September 8, 2015

Turkey's Roketsan has signed a deal with the Polish WZL1 firm to integrate two of its products, the Cirit and the UMTAS, into Polish armed forces platforms.

Roketsan and WZL1 have agreed to jointly offer Roketsan's Cirit and UMTAS systems solutions to the Polish military, the defenseNews reported Monday.

Cirit is a program launched for fitting the Turkish Army's T-129, AH-1P Cobra and AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters with low-cost precision strike capabilities. The 70mm rocket has a range of eight kilometers.

Roketsan also developed an anti-tank missile, the UMTAS, later renamed Mizrak-U. Howver, the missile is yet to be delivered to Turkey's procurement office.

A parallel program known as Mizrak-O , the medium-range version of Mizrak-U, also awaits a government go-ahead for serial production.

The Mizrak-U, with its infrared imaging and laser-seeker options, is an anti-tank missile with a range of eight kilometers that can be used in air-to-ground and ground-to-ground operations. Roketsan officials said the system is going through further technical tests and tests for compatibility with environmental conditions.

The Mizrak-U is considered the official anti-tank system for the T-129 and the Anka, Turkey's first locally developed unmanned aircraft.

Armored land vehicles and naval vessels are other potential Mizrak-U platforms.

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