China Unveils New Light Attack Helicopter At Tianjin Expo

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  • 11:20 AM, September 9, 2015
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China Unveils New Light Attack Helicopter At Tianjin Expo
Chinese Z-19E reconnaissance-attack helicopter (

China has revealed its new light attack helicopter Z-19E for the first time at the Tianjin international helicopter exposition that starts today.

The export version Z-19E, developed by Harbin Aircraft Industrial Corporation is Harbin Z-19 or WZ-19 is a Chinese reconnaissance/attack helicopter.

The twin seat tandem helicopter is a modified version of Harbin Z-9W and has similar mechanical layout to the Eurocopter AS465 Dauphin series, Huanqui military website reported Tuesday.

The Z-19 features a fenestron tail, damping its sound and therefore allows it achieve some level of acoustic stealthiness. The exhausts also protect the helicopter from infrared threats.

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