Saab Wins US Army's Shoulder-launched Anti-Armour Weapon System Contract

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  • 01:07 PM, September 15, 2015
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Saab Wins US Army's Shoulder-launched Anti-Armour Weapon System Contract
Saab AT4CS RS Systems.

Saab has won a US Army contract for the shoulder-launched AT4CS RS (reduced sensitivity) anti-armour weapon system.

The AT4CS RS is a disposable, preloaded weapon with a specially developed, unique shaped-charge warhead that delivers outstanding behind-armour-effects inside the target. Thanks to this new warhead the AT4CS RS also has improved insensitive munition (IM) characteristics, saab said in a statement today at DSEi Expo.

It is effective against threats in buildings and fortifications. It can also be employed to protect fixed installations, supply points and other vital assets. The product range includes AT4 HEAT (high explosive anti-tank), confined space (CS) and anti-structure tandem (CS AST) variants.

The new variants introduced in 2014 are part of the  AT4CS family and build upon modular 84-mm product range including the Carl-Gustaf multi-purpose reloadable weapon system and the AT4 family of disposable weapons.

The new AT4 variants, AT4CS ER (extended range) and AT4CS HE (high explosive) provide multi-purpose, direct fire support with confined space capabilities.

Deliveries are scheduled for 2016.

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