Russia Highlights BMP-3 Dragun Armored Vehicle At Russian Arms Expo

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  • 06:18 PM, September 19, 2015
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Russia highlighted its latest version of BMP-3 Dragun armored vehicle at the Russia Arms Expo that concluded recently.

An updated version of BMP-3,  the BMP-3M Dragun AFV features an uninhabited combat module with a front-loaded engine, Sputnik International reported Thursday.

The combat module, isolated from the crew and troop compartment, features a 2A70 100 mm rifled gun, which can fire conventional shells or guided missiles. Further the armored vehicle is equipped with 2A72 30 mm dual feed autocannon, which can fire 300 rounds per minute, and a 7.62mm machine gun that can fire up to 800 rounds per minute, mounted coaxially with the cannon.

The fire control system effectively engages ground and airborne targets both on the move and from static positions.

Besides it also comprises a SOZH-M gunner's main sight with an integrated laser range-finder and missile-guidance channel, a Vesna-K targeting system with a thermal imaging camera and automatic target tracker, an armament stabilization system, a ballistic computer with data input sensors and a laser projector.

The BMP-3M is powered by a multi-fuel diesel four-stroke, liquid-cooled turbo diesel engine packing over 800 horse power. This allows the 21-ton vehicle to  move at 70 kilometers per hour on a highway and up to 10 kilometers per hour in water.

The BMP-3M vehicle is designed and produced by the Kurgamashzavod (Kurgan Machine Building Plant).

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