South Korea To Equip KF-16 Fighters With Israeli SPICE Bombs Guidance Kits

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  • 11:50 AM, September 22, 2015
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South Korea To Equip KF-16 Fighters With Israeli SPICE Bombs Guidance Kits
KAI KF-16 Fighting Falcon

South Korean Air force has considered introducing Israel developed SPICE 2000 bomb guidance kits next year to enhance the attacking capability of KF-16 Fighting Falcons.

The Israeli guidance kit converts air-droppable unguided bombs into precision-guided ones, allowing users to attack targets that are out of their reach, Yonhap News Agency reported today.

"Since it enables KF-16s to drop bombs out of the range of an enemy's air defense weapons, it will help guarantee the survivability of KF-16s and mobilize fighter jets for long-distance attack operations," an Air Force official said.

The military forged the deal to purchase the bomb kits last November, and they will begin to be distributed to the Air Force in the first half of 2016.

The Air Force will also push to adopt live-fire exercises for KF-16 fighter jets so they can learn how to effectively use the new precision-guided missiles like the Taurus long-range air-to-surface missiles and the Cheongung surface-to-air missiles.

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