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10:18 AM, September 24, 2015
Is Russia Deploying S-300 Missiles In Syria?
S-300 anti-aircraft missile system during Russian Victory Parade in 2009

Russia might have possibly deployed S-300 anti-aircraft missiles in Syria.

According to Debkafile, a news website close to Israeli defense forces in a report earlier this week said, “Troops at the Russian base outside the coastal Syrian city of Latakia were seen preparing to deploy batteries of advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles.”

The news daily attributes the development to a meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the presidential dacha outside Moscow two days after the deployment.

The report further states that the deployment raises questions against which air power are they deployed, given the fact that the Islamic State has no air force. Israel will have to worry about the rumored deployment of the anti-aircraft missile (which Iran too has access) as it poses a security threat to the nation.

Moscow had earlier made plans to provide Syria with Pantsir-S1 missile but they never arrived.

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