Indonesia Raises Military Budget By $2.5 Billion To Fund Arms Purchases

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  • 12:42 PM, September 26, 2015
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Indonesia Raises Military Budget By $2.5 Billion To Fund Arms Purchases
Mahfudz Siddiq Chairman of Commission I

The Indonesian Commission I of the House of Representatives has approved the proposal to raise the military budget by US$2.5 billion to fund new arms purchases.

Indonesia recently okayed the purchase of Su-35 fighter aircraft from Russia as part of its military modernization.

"In principle, Commission I agrees to the proposal to increase the military budget by Rp37 trillion (2.5 billion)," Mahfudz Siddiq Chairman of the Commission I was quoted as saying by today.

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has proposed the increase in budget to buy more military equipment and improve the welfare of the soldier.

In the draft state budget, the defense ministry was given a budget of Rp95 trillion (US$6.4 billion) less than its original proposal of Rp105 trillion (US$7.1 billion).

Further about Rp30 trillion (2 billion) of the proposed additional budget would be used to buy military equipment, Mahfud said.  In 2015, the budget for the military is Rp102 trillion (US$6.9 billion).

Ryamizard also proposed to set aside Rp450 billion (US$30.7 million) of the military to strengthen military bases in border areas such as on the island of Natuna.

Strong Natuna base is important with potential conflicts in South China Sea, the retired four star general said.

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