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03:04 PM, September 28, 2015
Colt Defense, FN America To Provide M4 Carbines For US Army
M4 Carbines

Colt Defense and FN America have won a $212 million contract to provide M4 and M4A1 carbines to the US Army.

The contract runs through Sept. 24, 2020, the Defense Department announced Friday.

M4s are variants of the M16A2 assault rifle and will replace the M16 line as part of the Army’s weaponry for combat units. The M4A1 carbine fires in semi-automatic and full-automatic modes while the M4 itself fires only in three-round bursts and semi-automatic mode.

The Army Contracting Command at Picatinny Arsenal is the contracting activity for the M4 and M4A1 deal with Colt Defense and FN Herstal‘s US subsidiary.

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