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10:56 AM, October 9, 2015
Russia Readies Precision Guided Bomb For PAK-FA Stealth Fighter
KAB-250 precision-guided bomb

In what is seen as Russia’s answer to the US Small Diameter Bomb, the country’s air force is testing the KAB-250 precision-guided bomb on board the Sukhoi Su-34 fighter.

The Small Diameter Bomb is meant for the US F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters and the KAB-250 is designed to fit on the external and internal mounts of the PAK-FA or T-50 stealth fighter under development by Russia.

The KAB-250 precision-guided bomb will soon complete trials, according to the weapon's manufacturer, Moscow-based Region Scientific & Production Enterprise JSC. "The bomb’s trials on the Sukhoi Su-34 will completed late this year," the company’s director general, Igor Krylov, quoted in the Russian media reporting from the Russian Defense Ministry Innovation Day earlier this week.

The KAB-250 follows the larger KAB-500, which is being used by the Russian military in its airstrikes in Syria.

The KAB-250 will be part of the weapons suite of the PAK FA fifth-generation fighter next year. It can be mounted externally or stored in the jet’s internal weapons bays.

The KAB-250 has a fragmentation warhead and can be dropped individually or in salvoes. The aircraft carrying the KAB-250LG-Es must be fitted with a laser illumination system.

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