Germany To Halt Eurofighter Typhoon Deliveries Citing Technical Flaw

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  • 02:32 PM, October 14, 2015
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Germany will freeze deliveries of the Eurofighter Typhoon after it found a technical flaw in the way holes were drilled in the fuselage.

German defense ministry announced Tuesday that it would halt the deliveries of the Eurofighter Typhoon after identifying a technical defect; Airbus though said that the flaw does not impact the aircraft’s overall performance.

"This incident does not affect flight safety or operational ability of the Eurofighters. The lifespan of the jets isn't affected either," an Airbus spokesperson was quoted as saying by German news agency DPA Tuesday.

The flaw has to do with the way the holes were drilled into the aircraft’s fuselage. This is the second time that such quality control measures have halted deliveries. Earlier in September 2014, the industry has found a manufacturing defect in a large number of holes on the rear fuselage of the aircraft Euro Fighter as part of a quality control. The reasons for this are inadequate Entgratungen by the manufacturer BAE Systems.

In both the cases  BAE Systems was said to be responsible for the manufacture of defective parts.

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