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12:42 PM, October 22, 2015
Turbomeca Offers Engine solution To Poland's H22M Helicopter
Turbomeca Makila 2

Turbomeca is delivering an optimum engine solution and industrial benefits for the Poland’s manufacturing sector.

The delivery is in support of a long-range tactical transport helicopter H225M caracal acquisition by the nation’s armed forces.

The H225M, manufactured by Airbus Helicopters, is powered by the Turbomeca Makila 2. This 2,100-shp turbo shaft combat engine is particularly effective when operating in military transport and rescue missions, notably the North Sea and extreme military environments.

In April 2013, Turbomeca and Airbus Helicopters agreed with Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze 1 (WZL 1) to establish two full assembly lines, one for the H225M and one for the Makila 2.

In 2014, Turbomeca has proposed to the Polish Government a partnership with WZL 1 covering both the manufacturing of new Makila 2 engines and the setting up of a repair center in the factory of WZL 1 in Deblin. The transfer of such industrial capabilities will be fully supported by Turbomeca.

“Turbomeca is fully supporting the acquisition of the H225M by Poland and the creation of this industrial cooperation package.” Maxime Faribault, Turbomeca Executive Vice President for OEM Sales, said.

“The involvement of WZL 1, in both manufacturing and MRO support activities, will form the basis of a long-term cooperative venture. We are confident it will succeed.” Faribault added.

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