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06:40 PM, October 30, 2015

The Russian Aerospace Force operating against the Islamic State militants in Syria are using the latest Su-25SM3 single-seat ground attack aircraft fitted with Vitebsk-25 EW system.

Su-25SM3 is the latest modification of the Su-25 ground attack aircraft. The system includes an L-370-3S digital active jamming station. EW system can not only locate the likely enemy’s azimuth and the radar emission type, but also suppress the signal in different frequency ranges. The system also comprises protective devices against various missiles, Tass reported Thursday.

Over time, the attack aircraft will also receive a laser jamming station that will ensure destruction of an attacking missile or its neutralization by a TV, laser or homing head. This system is fitted not only on Su-25SM3 fixed, but also Ka-52 and Mi-8AMTSh rotary-wing aircraft. The new attack aircraft can use an expanded variety of airborne weapons.

The Modernized Su-25M is designed for supporting troops by day and night in all weather. The aircraft also differs from the baseline Su-25 in that it has an onboard PrNK-25SM Bars aiming and navigation unit for operation with the GLONASS satellite navigation system.

The cockpit instruments too have underwent a serious upgrade such as multifunction displays and a new indicator on the windscreen have been added instead of the old sights.

Su-25SM can use a variety of weapons, including precision types. The aircraft is armed with GSh-302 30 mm double- barreled cannon.

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