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12:59 PM, November 2, 2015
Israel Air Force strikes Scud missile 'Shipment'
Israeli F-16

The Israel Air Force has struck a missile shipment said to be headed for the Lebanese Militia Group, Hezbollah.

The IAF hit the shipment as it passed through the Qalamoun mountain region on the border with Lebanon. The shipment to the Lebanese organization included long-range Scud missiles, various syrian media reported today.

IAF fighter jets arrived in the skies over mountainous region in the morning and launched at least one missile at the target.

The Syrian media reported Saturday of an alleged Israel airstrike in the Qalamoun region that took place Friday night. Friday's strike was targeting a unit positioned in the area of the village Ras al-Ein, as well as an army base at the edges of the village Al-Qutayfah, in strikes on both Hezbollah and the Syrian regime army.

Last April, it was reported in Arab media that IAF jets struck a Scud missile shipment as it was leaving the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The IDF has taken a policy of preventing advanced rockets from reaching Hezbollah on Israel's northern border.

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