Fresh Demand May Force Lockheed Martin To Extend F-16 Production Beyond 2019

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  • 10:14 AM, November 12, 2015
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Fresh Demand May Force Lockheed Martin To Extend F-16 Production Beyond 2019
F-16 Fighter Jet (Image:Lockheed Martin)

Lockheed Martin might extend F-16 fighter jet manufacturing production line till 2019 and beyond anticipating orders from Indonesia, the Gulf, Eastern Europe and other regions.

“A number of countries in the Gulf already operated F-16 jets, but others were taking a closer look after seeing successful use of the jets against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, and insurgents in Yemen,” Rick Groesch, regional vice president for Lockheed in the Middle East was quoted as saying by Reuters Monday.

Combat operations are "certainly opening the eyes of the various air forces to the sense that it makes to have interoperability with your neighbor if you’re flying," Groesch said at the Dubai Air Show 2015.

Lower operating costs can be seen as a major advantage to see F-16 as a viable option, he said.

F-16 is a challenger for Indonesian requirement of 15 fighters alongside  Gripen, Typhoon, Su-35 and others. Lockheed Martin is also discussing the fighter with India and has also offered to start a production line under the ‘Make-in-India’ program.

US is also discussing sale of eight more F-16s to Pakistan as part of an aid package, Reuters reported.

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