Northrop Shrugs Off UAE Loss, Looks Forward to Indian And Other Early Warning Aircraft Sales Prospects

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  • 01:12 PM, November 14, 2015
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Northrop Grumman which lost out to Saab for supplying a US$ 1.27 billion early warning aircraft to the UAE, is diverting its attention to potential sales prospects in India and several other countries.

It has offered the E-2D aircraft to India to meet its early warning needs on aircraft carrier that New Delhi is planning to build.

“Our company has been under discussions with a number of other countries,” Jerry Spruill, sector director with Northrop's international mission solutions business was quoted as saying by Reuters at the Dubai Air show on Thursday.

“The company is interested on establishing its presence in India through strategic industrial partnerships,” Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive (Europe), Northrop Grumman was quoted as saying by the Hindu last month.

The E-2D has been designed to meet current surveillance and reconnaissance requirements for India which has very vast coastline. Besides, the next-generation E-2D Advanced Hawkeye also has a new radar system, theatre missile defence capabilities, and multi-sensor integration.

France, Japan, Taiwan and Egypt operate the older model E-2C aircraft. Japan has already announced plans to buy four of the latest version of the aircraft. The US DOD announced its intention to sell Japan an advanced version of the E-2D $151 million last week and may sell more of it depending upon Japan's requirements.

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