Russia To Introduce High-Speed Patrol Boats Into Its Navy

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  • 02:45 PM, November 18, 2015
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Russia To Introduce High-Speed Patrol Boats Into Its Navy
Raptor boat

Russia will be introducing two new generation boats Raptor into the Navy by the end of November after all technical and formal tests are passed.

The boat Raptors are the last of the 8 boats built by the “Pella” factory in Saint Petersburg for the Russian Navy. The last boat was set afloat on November 14, the Russian ministry of defense announced Tuesday.

Raptor patrol boats are designed for carrying out transportation and rapid landing tasks for approximately 20-man strong marine units day and night.

The boats can efficiently patrol assigned sea areas, intercept and stop naval targets and carry out rescue missions in their areas of responsibility.

Raptors can also protect ships and vessels’ stationing points from attacks of small-sized naval, air and ground targets at unsafe roadsteads.

Raptor patrol boats can carry out short-range missions (up to 100 nautical miles from their stationing points). The boats can operate both in sea areas and in straits and river estuaries.

The patrol boat has a hull length of 17 metres, hull width of 4 metres and speed up to 50 knots. The planning of inside quarters allows transporting up to 20 servicemen: marines, landing troops or rescue personnel. Equipment on-board includes a 14.5 mm multi-purpose remotely controlled combat module and two 7,62 mm machine guns. 

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