US To Sell Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile to South Korea

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  • 10:25 AM, November 19, 2015
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US To Sell Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile to South Korea
Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile

The US Department of State has approved the delivery of $110 million worth 19 Harpoon anti-ship missiles and maintenance kits to South Korea.

The Harpoon is an all-weather anti-ship missile system manufactured by Boeing Defense, Space and Security that was first introduced in 1977.

“The acquisition of the Harpoon Block II missiles and support will… bring the [South Korean] Navy's Anti-Surface Warfare performance up to existing regional baselines.” the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced today.

South Korea intends to use the missiles to supplement its existing Harpoon missile capability. The submarine-launched Harpoon missiles have been used by South Korea since the 1990s.

The major system components of the Harpoon Block II missile include a booster, launch support structure and canisters, as well as command and launch system. The 500-pound penetration, high-explosive blast warhead provides the missile with enough firepower to destroy coastal defence and surface-to-air missile sites, aircraft, port / industrial installations and docked ships.

The ship-launched Harpoon Block II has a length of 4.62m, while the length of the air-launched missile is 3.84m. The diameter of the missile is 34.3cm. The weight varies between 526kg and 690.8kg based on the launch configuration.

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