Iranian Fighter Aircraft Join The Anti-ISIL Party

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  • 09:05 AM, November 24, 2015
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Iranian Fighter Aircraft Join The Anti-ISIL Party
Youtube Grab of Iranian F-14 Tomcat in Syria

Iran has sent its fighter aircraft to feast on Islamic State targets in the company of Russian bombers.

The Russian Defense Ministry has uploaded a video on Saturday which shows an Iranian F-14 accompanying Russian Air Force Tu-95 bear bomber attacking ISIL targetsin Syria. 

Iran has upgraded the F-14s in service with some domestic avionics, navigation systems and weapons extending their life until 2030.

Dozens of these upgraded warplanes, upgraded with intelligence-collection and tracking systems, have begun operating in Syrian air space near the Israeli border, under the pretense of escorting the Russian bombers.

Iran is believed to garner shelter from Russian bombers by flying alongside them against Israeli action. The Israeli Air Force would have shot down the Iranian fighter aircraft if this wasn’t the case.

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