Ukraine Delivers Upgraded An-32E Light Transport Aircraft To India

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  • 10:28 AM, November 25, 2015
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Ukraine Delivers Upgraded An-32E Light Transport Aircraft To India
AirMark Antonov An-32

Ukraine has delivered five modernized AN−32RE light military transport aircraft to Indian Air Force last week.

The USD$400 million upgrade to the 40 IAF aircraft includes an overhaul of the An-32's communications and navigation systems and upgrading 100 ZMKB Progress/Ivchenko AI-20D Series 5M turboprops by Ukraine's Motor Sich, and other airframe repairs and life extensions, UKROBORONPROM announced on 19th November.

According to the contract’s terms, the 8th batch of the aircraft was modernized at SE Plant 410 of Civil Aviation with active participation of ANTONOV Company, the aircraft designer, and more than 20 other enterprises. 

Under the contract, 65 AN−32s have to be overhauled and reequipped into the AN−32RE model at BRD−1 plant of Indian Air Force in Kanpur with participation of Ukrainian enterprises. Till present, two airplanes were upgraded at this plant. Nowadays, Indian specialists are working on four such airplanes. 

The contract on repair and modernization of 105 AN−32s of Indian AF between Ukraine and India was signed on June 15, 2009. State Self−Supporting Foreign Trade Company SPETSTECHNOEXPORT, subsidiary of UKROBORONPROM State Concern, was selected as the main contractor from Ukrainian party.

ANTONOV Company, SE Plant 410 of Civil Aviation, which also included into UKROBORONPROM State Concern, became the subcontractors. 

AN−32 light transport was developed by ANTONOV on the order of Indian Air Force. It can be operated in various climatic conditions including hot climate (up to +55oC) and owing to high thrust−to−weight ratio, it is capable of operation from/to the elevated airfields (up to 4500 m above sea level) with difficult approaches.

Often AN−32s are the only aircraft able to provide connection between mountain settlements and big cities. The AN−32 deliveries were started in 1984. 

The decision on the AN−32 modernization was taken because of lack of the proper replacement. Owing to high manoeuvrability and reliability the AN−32 was called as “Silver horse” in India. 

New modification of the AN−32 was developed at ANTONOV Company. It was designated as AN−32RE.

While upgrading, the airplanes are fitted with up−to−date equipment providing higher level of flight safety, including air collision avoidance system, ground proximity warning system, satellite navigation system, distance measuring equipment, upgraded radio altimeters, new radar with two multifunctional indicators, new oxygen system and improved seats for crew members. The aircraft payload is increased up to 7.5 t. 

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