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10:39 AM, November 26, 2015
China To Receive Advanced Secure Communication System As Part Of Sukhoi Su-35 Deal
Advanced Communication System for Chinese Su-35

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) of Russia will provide secure communication systems for Chinese military airfields besides equipping Su-35 fighters meant for the Chinese Air Force with matching on-board equipment.

It includes the NKVS-27 ground-based system and the Sukhoi-35 aircraft based S-108 communication system. Together, the systems enable secure communications resistant to interference and are integrated into a single network for tactical aviation,  a UIMC statement said today.

“Russia and China signed a major contract for the purchase of the Su-35 multipurpose fighters last week. The fighter comes equipped with the S-108 communications system, which facilitates the inclusion of these aircraft in automated military control systems,” said Sergey Skokov, Deputy CEO of UIMC. “While working in anti-interference mode, the system facilitates information exchange between all communication systems used by the Air Force.”

Russian equipment is required to control aircraft produced by Sukhoi. Therefore, UIMC is providing Chinese military airfields with the NKVS-27 ground-based system, which is designed for communication with frontline aircraft and other types of aircraft.

"The system organizes networks and communication channels, primarily for tactical aircraft such as the Su-27SKM, Su-30MK2, Su-35, and other aircraft,” said Sergey Skokov. “It has a functional command post and performs automated control commands, transmits commands to higher levels of management, and monitors and records processes carried out in performing flight missions.

The NKVS-27 enables multi-channel voice and data communication with the aircraft across all modes of their combat use and at a distance of up to 1,500 km.

Compared to previous generation of communications equipment, the new system has a greater radio bandwidth, an increased number of concurrent data links, a reduced delivery time, and greater accuracy in receiving messages while fending off electronic countermeasures.

In addition, the S-108 system can relay communication signals between ground control and aircraft to perform combat missions.

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