Philippines To Set Up Working Group For Multi Role Fighter Aircraft Acquisition

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  • 07:45 AM, November 30, 2015
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Philippines To Set Up Working Group For Multi Role Fighter Aircraft Acquisition
Korea Aerospace Industries T-50 Jet

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) plans to set up a working group to determine the appropriate choice of a Multi-role Combat Aircraft (MRCA).

The PAF is looking for a specific model of multirole fighters that would best suit its needs, PAF spokesperson Col. Enrico Canaya was quoted as saying by  Philippines Star newspaper after a ceremony to welcome FA-50 jets acquired from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI).

“The Air Force will still determine which model will be best. It depends on the budget in our modernization fund,” said Canaya said adding that the PAF would be forming a technical working group to study the acquisition of additional aircraft.

Canaya said the PAF’s modernization is based on the  “Flight Plan 2028”, that aims to build up the Air Force’s capability to detect, identify, intercept and neutralize intrusions in the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone and the West Philippine Sea by 2022 and the entire Philippines by 2028.

The two KAI jets were delivered last Saturday to strengthen the PAF amidst an escalating territorial dispute with China. The rest of the 10 aircraft will be delivered by 2017. The weapons that include bombs and rockets for the FA-50s will be purchased later.

The Philippine military decommissioned its last fleet of F-5 supersonic combat jets in 2005 and this is the first time in a decade that the PAF has got new aircraft.

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