German Troops To Fight Islamic State, No Cooperation With Assad

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  • 09:52 AM, December 1, 2015
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German Troops To Fight Islamic State, No Cooperation With Assad
German Defense Minister Ursula Van der Leyen

The German cabinet has approved plans to join military campaign against Islamic State in Syria will ruled out any cooperation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A German official quoted by Reuters said that, German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen  ruled out any cooperation between German forces due to take part in the military campaign and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or his troops in their fight against Islamic State.

Germany’s cabinet approved the deployment of Tornado reconnaissance jets, refuelling aircraft, a frigate and up to 1200 military personnel to the region.

"The top line is: there will be no cooperation with Assad and no cooperation with troops under his command," von der Leyen told ARD television.

However, that did not exclude the possibility of including some of those currently on Assad's side in a long-term solution for the country, she said.

"We must avoid the collapse of the state of Syria," she said, adding that mistakes made in Iraq, when groups who had been loyal to Saddam Hussein were excluded from joining the political system after his defeat, should not be repeated.

"But let me be clear - there will be no future with Assad," she stressed.

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