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07:51 AM, December 3, 2015

Amid confusion over denial of four critical technology transfers for the KF-X program US has promised to support Republic of Korea (ROK) in its stealth fighter program.

“The U.S. continues to support the Republic of Korea’s defense programs and priorities through the transfer of many of our most sensitive defense technologies. We seek to support the KF-X indigenous fighter program to the maximum extent possible,” department spokesperson Katina Adams was quoted as saying by Yonhap News agency Wednesday.

The US state department approved 21 technologies and denied four technologies that include integrated systems for active electronically scanned array radar, electro-optical targeting pod, infrared search and track and radio frequency jammer last year citing national technology protection policy.

Both the nations agreed on setting up a working group to facilitate the $15.5 billion KF-X program. South Korea plans to unveil the first KF-16 warplane in a decade and deploy 120 units by 2032.

 “The U.S. government is in discussions with Lockheed Martin to address ROK areas of concern. We will continue to work closely with Lockheed Martin throughout this process to ensure continued support to the KF-X program,” Adams said.

Adams said nothing had been decided. “Programs like the KF-X are large and complex. As a result, there is often an iterative process whereby export licenses are amended as the program matures and becomes better defined.” 

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