Russia To Replace An-26 Transport Aircraft With Modified Il-112v

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  • 11:10 AM, December 11, 2015
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Russia To Replace An-26 Transport Aircraft With Modified Il-112v
Russian Il-112V transport aircraft to replace An-26

Russian KRET will replace the An-26 transport aircraft with modified Il-112v.

KRET will equip light military transport aircraft Il-112V with a strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) to determine the location of an object in offline mode.

"MIEA is ready to adapt the SINS system for the Il-112V. We are interested in providing the aircraft with the system as soon as possible. The system has already been mass produced, and even if some modification is required, it will not take a long time,” Alexey Kuznetsov, CEO of the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation (MIEA), which is developing the system said.

The SINS will be able to determine the location of an object, carry out system processing and issue navigation and flight information by determining the co-ordinates and parameters of an object in offline mode without the help of ground-based, naval or satellite signals.

The Il-112V light military transport aircraft is designed for the transportation and airdrop of light weapons and military equipment, goods, and personnel, as well as for the transport of a wide range of different loads in the commercial operation of the aircraft.

A contract was signed with the Russian Defense Ministry for the Il-112V in December 2014. As reported by Yuri Borisov, deputy head of the military department, the Il-112 should make its first flight in mid-2017, with the beginning of mass production planned for 2019.

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