Communications System Upgrade For Russian S-400 Missile Defence System

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  • 08:55 AM, December 29, 2015
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Communications System Upgrade For Russian S-400 Missile Defence System
S-500 missile defense system

Russia is developing Tuf-MA and Tuf-M2 communication systems for its S-400, S-500 and Vityaz air missile defense systems to evade enemy surveillance.

“The new S-400, S-500 and ‘Vityaz’ missiles will have the Tuf-MA and Tuf-M2 systems installed in them. This system will include a new modern design and digital signal processing systems that will decode signals and permit evading enemy,” the CEO of the United Instrument-Construction Corporation, Alexander Yakunin was quoted as saying in an interview with Sputnik news daily Monday.

According to him the new system, “uses phased array antennas with digital beam-forming, high frequency tuning for the protection against electronic reconnaissance and interference”.

Russia has signed an agreement for the sale of S-400 surface-to-air missile system to China and India.

China signed the deal in September last year, at a cost of more than $3 billion for the delivery of an unknown number of S-400s

The Indian Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) approved purchase of five S-400 missile defense systems for $6.1 billion. Saudi Arabia is also queuing up to purchase S-400 systems.

Russia recently deployed S-300 and S-400 advanced anti-air missile systems along the Turkish-Syrian border. 

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