CybAero Postpones Delivery Of Three Unmanned Helicopter Systems To China

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  • 11:36 AM, December 30, 2015
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CybAero Postpones Delivery Of Three Unmanned Helicopter Systems To China
Remotely operated helicopters (Image: CybAero)

Delivery of three unmanned helicopter systems to China Customs has been rescheduled for early 2016 due to additional requirements and features.

The delay was caused by additional requirements and features and the fact that the complex system required extensive verification testing and some upgrades, which are now complete, CybAero said in a statement Wednesday.

Delivery was originally scheduled for late 2015 following extensive testing in the Baltic Sea with takeoffs and landings from moving platforms.

CybAero’s helicopters for China Customs are the first in the world to feature an automatic landing system for unmanned helicopters.

The postponed delivery will have a negative impact on both sales and profit for CybAero in 2015.

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