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08:59 AM, December 31, 2015
File photo of Russia's Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate 04

Russia’s newest frigate Admiral Grigorovich has completed trials in the Barents Sea, the Yantar shipyard’s official said.

"The second and last phase of the certification tests is over. It was conducted at test sites of the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea. The ship’s Kalibr and Shtil weapon systems were seen in action. All went well. The ship is about to make a voyage to Kaliningrad now," spokesman Sergey Mikhailov, told TASS Wednesday.

The Admiral Grigorovich manufacturer Yantar is expected to begin delivery in January 2016 to the Russian Navy.

In February, the ship will leave for its permanent base on the Black Sea, according to the report.

Under two contracts with Russia’s Defense Ministry, Yantar will build a family of six escort ships.

The Admiral Grigorovich escort ship is the lead frigate of project 11356, which was launched on March 14, 2014. Its certification trials began on October 14, 2015.

The frigate’s parameters are as follows: displacement - 4,000 tonnes, speed - 30 knots, endurance - 30 days, weaponry - ship-born missile complex Kalibr-NK armed with a high accuracy cruise missile, and multi-channel air defense complex Shtil-1 and air defense artillery complex Palash.