Blind Bombing By Saudi-Led Coalition Consumes Yemeni Home for the Blind

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  • 09:23 AM, January 7, 2016
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Blind Bombing By Saudi-Led Coalition Consumes Yemeni Home for the Blind
Screen grab of the building destroyed in Saudi attacks in Yemen (Image from a video posted by IBT)

Missiles are reportedly fired by Saudi Arabian coalition aircraft and struck the al Noor Center for Care and Rehabilitation of the Blind in Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia after the Saturday mass execution of 47 people, it is now leading a bombing campaign in Yemen. Missiles were fired on Tuesday which injured three people.

"People with disabilities are being struck in their residence," Abdullah Ahmed Banyan, a patient at the al Noor Center. Around 1:30 AM, two missiles hit the live-in quarters of a home for the blind. Can you imagine they are striking the blind? What is this criminality? Why? Is it the blind that are fighting the war?" Abdullah Ahmed Banyan, a patient at the al Noor Center was quoted as saying by International Business Times news website.

The incident was confirmed by Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Colville told reporters in Geneva Tuesday that, "This is more than twice the number of civilians reported killed in November," Colville said. "We have also received alarming information on the alleged use of cluster bombs by coalition forces in Hajjah Governorate."

Bombs also struck Sanaa’s chamber of commerce building, a wedding hall, and at least one residential area.

"The chamber of commerce was targeted last night by an air strike. For what reason?" said Abdel Hakim Naser, head of legal at the Chamber of Commerce, according to International Business Times. "This kind of air strike is not justified and we hope that all sides refrain from targeting commercial and civilian sites and civilians."

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