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10:55 AM, January 15, 2016
Chinese Navy Commissions Tank Landing Ship
PLA Navy's new tank landing ship Tianmushan at a ceremony. Image credits: CCTV News.

Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy commissioned a new tank landing ship Tianmushan during a ceremony at a naval port of the East China Sea Fleet on January 12.

Domestically built ship, with 119.5 meters in length and 16.4 meters in width, has a full-load displacement of 5,008 tons and a maximum speed of 20 knots. And its deck is available for helicopter to take off and land on. The ship is designed to allow China's naval forces to load and unload landing equipment.

China's addition of the tank-landing ship comes after the South China Sea Fleet welcomed three new vessels at the end of 2015, including supply ship Luguhu, electric reconnaissance ship Neptune and pelagic survey vessel Qian Xuesen.

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