Tornado Rocket Systems To Enter Service With Russia’s Western Military District

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  • 10:15 AM, January 16, 2016
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The Russian Western Military District (WMD) will receive over 40 units of advanced rocket launchers, district spokesman Col. Igor Muginov said.

"The unique long-range 300-mm Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system can fire at a range of 120 kilometers [75 miles] and hit an area of over 60 hectares [150 acres]," Muginov was quoted as saying by Sputnik on Saturday.

He distinguished the Tornado-S’ new automated guidance system as its key characteristic, allowing for improved accuracy and simultaneous target data calculations.

"The complex is able to fire single rockets as well as full salvos of 12 guided rockets," Muginov noted.

The spokesman added that the new launchers boast travel-to-combat mode deployment capabilities at a significantly reduced time. Cluster warheads with self-guided multi-purpose submunitions fitted on Tornado-G systems are able to penetrate infantry and armored vehicles.

The cutting edge Tornado-S and Tornado-G systems are expected to replace Grad and Smerch launchers by 2020, as part of Russia's large-scale rearmament program.

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