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08:09 AM, January 20, 2016
Syrian Army Rides Motorcycles To Liberate Border Town From Militants
Image credits: Irish Times

To recapture the town of Salma, located in northeastern Latakia, roughly 15 miles from the Turkish border, Syrian army relies on motorbikes.

The army opted for a new strategy because the city’s narrow alleyways and surrounding forests which made it difficult for the armed forces to fight against the militants.

"The way we fight has changed since the beginning of the war, and we have developed our offensive methods," Hany, a 25-year soldier with the Syrian Army was quoted as saying by Sputnik. "Nowadays, we use motorbikes for their speed and mobility".

The bikes offer a number of advantages. Maneuverability lets the driver adjust course more rapidly to avoid sniper fire, while the lightweight frame allows it to sail over mines intended for larger vehicles.

"My bike is harder to track and is too light to set off landmines," Hany said.

The tactic was inspired by the very militant groups that the Syrian government is fighting, but it’s proven so effective that motorbikes may become a permanent fixture of the Syrian Army.

The Syrian Army first implemented the new tactic nine months ago.

"It was the use of more than 80 motorbikes in the last battle for the town that had the greatest impact in terms of winning in the final 72 hours," one field commander was quoted as saying. "The motorbikes allowed us to transfer the wounded, carry light ammunition and food and were used by fighters carrying machine guns and night vision binoculars”.

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