Our Bureau
12:10 PM, January 21, 2016

Finmeccanica group will showcase products from Airborne & Space Systems”, “Land & Naval Defence Electronics” and “Security & Information Systems” divisions as ‘One Company’ at Bahrain Airshow from Jan 21 till 23.

Finmeccanica has become one organisation operating in aerospace, defence and security, with new governance and operating model, organised into sectors and divisions and replacing the previous model of a holding company of separately controlled businesses, the company said in a statement Thursday.

The company will also be highlighting two systems of particular relevance to the region: the Falcon Shield, a counter-UAV security system, and the LeadInSky air traffic control system. Falcon Shield has been designed to combat the threat from small, easily available commercial drones. Able to find, fix, track, identify and defeat threats, Falcon Shield system offers an ‘RF management’ electronic attack option for operators, allowing them to take control of remotely piloted drones and land them safely.

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