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02:31 PM, January 27, 2016

L-3 Link has won a contract to build 34 new Predator Mission Aircrew Training System (PMATS) simulators for the US Air Force.

“The US Air Force’s and US Air National Guard’s requirements for MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper pilots and sensor operators continue to grow, and the skills needed to complete an expanding set of missions are increasingly complex,” Frank Casano, L-3 Link’s vice president of programs said in a statement Tuesday.

“These training devices will provide a level of realism and immerse both new and experienced crews in challenging training scenarios based on today’s mission requirements.” 

The new PMATS simulators will be used to train Predator and Reaper pilot and sensor operator crews. PMATS training devices, in addition to associated equipment and systems, will be delivered to 15 installations between the US Air Force and US Air National Guard.

Under this contract option, L-3 Link will integrate its simulation environment solution with ground control stations supplied by the US Air Force. The simulation solution combines a physics-based image generator, Synthetic Automated Forces generator, instructor station, and other training system hardware and software. PMATS training devices create a high-fidelity environment that simulates aircraft performance, weapons, sensors, communications, data link operations, emergencies, degraded video feeds and environmental conditions. 

On these simulators, Predator and Reaper crews undergo initial qualification, mission qualification, continuation and mission rehearsal training. 

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