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07:28 AM, February 2, 2016
Russian Su-35S Begins Combat Missions In Syria

Russia's advanced supermaneuverable Su-35S fighter jets have started performing combat missions in Syria last week, the Defense Ministry spokesman said Monday.

"Supermaneuverable Su-35S fighters started to carry out military tasks last week at Khmeimim airbase", Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told journalists.

Citing a military source, Russian Kommersant daily reported Monday that Russia was preparing to test the next-generation Su-35S fighters in Syria for the first time.

The move comes after Turkey claimed that Russian Su-34 violated its airspace again on January 30.

Konashenkov noted that all Russian warplanes have recently been conducting operations with an obligatory cover provided by Russian and Syrian fighter jets as wells as modern air defense systems including the S-400 Triumf.

Russia commenced a military operation against terrorists in Syria at the request of President Bashar Assad on September 30.

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