Russia To Receive First Prototypes Of S-500 Air Defense System This Year: Media

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  • 08:13 AM, February 2, 2016
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Russia To Receive First Prototypes Of S-500 Air Defense System This Year: Media
Russian S-400 missile air defense system

Russia will begin pre-tests of its S-500 air defense system prototypes this year.

The deliveries of the prototypes of new system will be delivered this year after the tests are carried out, Sputnik reported Monday without citing any source.

"The new system not only combines the best feats of the previous systems, but also offers completely new possibilities in the field of air, missile and space defense," Viktor Murakhovski member of advisory council of the Military-Industrial Commission; Almaz-Antei was quoted as saying by the media outlet.

Viktor is working on a complex of S-500 ‘Promethey’ surface-to-air missiles from 2010.

S-500 if it becomes operational in 2017 will likely form the main tier of Russian layered integrated air defense system. S-500 is capable of detecting and destroying aerial offensive targets as well as Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and near space targets. It can fire up to ten ballistic missile warheads flying a speeds of 23000 feet every second. It has a range of 373 miles and can hit targets as high as 115 miles and will be able to intercept warheads incoming from space.

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