FAA Type Certification For Chinese Y-12F Turboprop Aircraft

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  • 08:18 AM, February 29, 2016
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FAA Type Certification For Chinese Y-12F Turboprop Aircraft
Chinese Y-12F Turboprop passenger aircraft (Image: AVIC)

The Chinese next generation advanced turboprop commuter aircraft, Y-12F has obtained an FAA type certificate.

This is the third aircraft type in the Y-12 family developed by AVIC, following the Y-12IV and Y-12E, to be issued a type certificate by the FAA. It is also the only aircraft type in the world that has both obtained the FAA’s type certificate and entered the 8-ton class FAR Part 23 commuter airplane market, the company said in a statement Friday.

The Y-12F obtained both CAAC and FAA type certificates at an interval of only 71 days, paving the way for synchronous planning, inspection, and certification in China’s civil aircraft industry from both the Chinese and the US authorities.

The Y-12 family is the first Chinese aircraft to obtain type certificates from the US, UK, and Russia. The Y-12F is a new turboprop commuter airplane developed according to CAAC CCAR23-R3 and FAA FAR Part 23 airworthiness standards, and based on HAIG’s 30 years of commuter development experiences and widely used, mature aviation technology.

The Y-12F can be used in passenger/cargo transportation, sea monitoring, air and para-drops, aerial photography, geological survey, medical aid, and artificial rain. With an 8.4 ton maximum takeoff weight, 3 ton maximum payload, 400km/hour economical cruise speed, 2,255 kilometer maximum range, and 7,000 meter ceiling, the Y-12F can carry 19 passengers or 3 LD3 standard containers.

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