Zen Technologies To Unveil Unified Combat Training Center At DefExpo 2016

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  • 11:58 AM, March 2, 2016
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Zen Technologies will unveil Unified Combat Training Centre (UCTC) to meet individual and collective training requirements of combat units of the Indian Army at the DefExpo 2016 at Goa later this month.

Zen Combat Training Centre (Zen CTC) comprises Virtual, Live and Constructive Simulators which fully addresses individual and collective training needs of combat units and Configuration of equipment for Armed Forces, Central Armed Police Forces, Special Forces and State Police Forces. The facility will vary from force to force and from one unit to another, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

A UCTC for an Infantry Battalion would have many features including simulators/target systems such as Infantry Weapons Training Simulator for small arms to hone Marksmanship skills. Smart and Multi-function Target Systems are provided to test the soldiers on live firing ranges for accuracy and reflex shooting, MMG, AGL, ATGM, 81 mm Mortar Simulators for support weapons training.

Other features include explosives and Mines/IED/Booby Traps structured learning to train troops in handling explosives and mine laying activities, Driving Simulators for B Vehicles, particularly heavier vehicle such as Lorry 5/7.5 Ton Vehicles, Battalion Level War gaming Solution for validation of Operational and Logistic Plans of Battalion/Company commanders.

UCTC will also include Combat Training Simulation System for conducting live two-sided (force-on-force) Tactical exercises, with realistic simulation of battlefield effects using sound, smoke and pyrotechs, generating effects of weapons’ firing and effect at target end, Results of engagements are accurately validated and all activities captured for the all-important After Action Review/critique.

The UCTC can be customised and configured for specific needs of other combat units as well.  For instance, a UCTC for an Armoured Regiment would comprise Tank Basic and Crew Gunnery Simulators, Tank & B-Vehicle Driving Simulators and Armour Combat Training Simulator (ACTS) for two-sided force-on-force tactical exercises.

Besides these simulators, training systems such as small arms firing simulator, target systems and portable Containerised Tubular Shooting Range for live firing with personal weapons will also be required, as all Combat Arms need to be proficient in handling personal weapons.

The Mechanised Infantry UCTC will have commonality of simulators with the Infantry unit and will in addition train on ICV Gunnery, ICV Driving and ACTS along with tank units. Artillery will be provided with the Forward Observer Simulator to train Fire Controllers in their duties. Small arms training systems and B-Vehicle Driving Simulator, will also form part of the Artillery UCTC inventory.

The UCTC is not only designed to train sub-units and units in conventional warfare but also for asymmetric warfare-Counter Insurgency (CI) and Counter Terrorism (CT).  Add-ons such as Shoot House/Indoor Live Firing CQB Range are critical to train troops in Room Intervention drills. Zen provides a holistic and flexible solution for varied training needs.

Zen Anti-Aircraft Air Defence Simulator (Zen 3ADS) is designed to train missile operators on laying procedures in both simulated and field conditions as well as psycho-physiological training experienced at the time of launch.

A UAV Mission Simulator system is designed to support basic, operational and mission training for External Pilots, Internal Pilots, Mission Commanders, Observers/Special payload operators and Image Interpreters.

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