China Opens Counter-Espionage Exhibition In Guangdong

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  • 08:01 AM, March 7, 2016
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China Opens Counter-Espionage Exhibition In Guangdong
Espionage (Image for representation)

South China’s Guangdong Provincial government has displayed a series of espionage cases involving overseas secret agencies.

The exhibition conducted last Wednesday showed that along with rapid development of cyber technology, the internet has become a major tool for overseas spys to gather intelligence and incite defection, Chinese Sina news daily reported Monday.

By posting recruitment advertisements online and offering high rewards, these agents have instigated some Chinese people to betray their country, the news daily reported.

According to previous reports, the security authorities of East China's Jiangsu Province busted three espionage cases in May 2015, in which two suspects that held only junior high school diplomas were recruited while seeking jobs online.

The PLA Daily, reported in April that apart from ex-servicemen and those with a keen interest in military matters, overseas students, university staff members and students as well as government employees and research fellows are the people most likely to be recruited by overseas agencies. Experts pointed out that netizens may not even realize that they were leaking state secrets when they were paid to "only take a few photos."

To prevent Chinese citizens from conducting espionage activities, the security authorities of Jilin and Hainan provinces launched counter-espionage hotlines in 2015, through which citizens and organizations can report suspected espionage.

The hotline targets foreign organizations and individuals who conduct espionage activities or instigate and sponsor others in conducting them. They will be punished, as will domestic organizations and individuals who spy on the country on behalf of foreign organizations and individuals.

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