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06:48 AM, March 8, 2016
Hungarian Gripen Fighters Commence Night-Flying
Hungarian Gripen Fighters Commence Night-Flying. Image credits: Gripen Blog

The Hungarian Air Force has started to train for night flying missions using newly-delivered night vision goggles (NVGs).

This capability will further enhance the combat readiness of the Hungarian Air Force and boost the contribution of Hungary’s Gripens to international missions. It helps pilots hone their flying capabilities with the use of night vision goggles and train to perform various operations in darkness.

With the introduction of Gripen, the Hungarian Air Force successfully transitioned into a modern and effective NATO air force. This was recently underlined when the Hungarian Air Force successfully completed its participation in the Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission. Four Hungarian Gripen fighters and about 80 personnel deployed to undertake the BAP mission in September 2015. The Hungarian contingent assumed responsibility for the air defence of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania for four months, ensuring the security of the region and the NATO Alliance.

Hungary recently celebrated the 10years of service life of Gripen with its air force. 

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