New Laser Guidance System For Russian Mi-28NM Attack Helicopters

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  • 10:22 AM, March 10, 2016
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New Laser Guidance System For Russian Mi-28NM Attack Helicopters
Russian Mi-28NM attack helicopters

Russia is developing a modernized weapons laser guidance system for its new Mi-28NM attack helicopter.

"As part of the development work, a multifunction image processing system and an upgraded laser guidance system for guided weapons is being developed. Both products are different from previously available analogues, with a whole range of upgraded technical characteristics in accordance with the required technical specifications and the best possible solution for issues of import substitution," Pavel Budagov, the head of Russia's Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise was quoted as saying by Sputnik Thursday.

The Mi-28NM is a modernized version of the Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter that is being upgraded to a fifth-generation aircraft, which has been in development since 2008.

Since the start of the development, Russia had received more than 10 export orders for helicopters of this type.

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