Russian Defense Ministry Accepts MiG-35 Design, Test Flights To Follow

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  • 11:18 AM, March 22, 2016
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Russian Defense Ministry Accepts MiG-35 Design, Test Flights To Follow
Russian MiG-35 Fighter jet

The Russian defense ministry has assessed and accepted designs of its $++ generation multi-purpose fighter jet MiG-35 and will soon carry out flight tests.

“MiG has built its first batch of pre-production Mikoyan MiG-35 aircraft. We will soon deliver the aircraft for testing. We have fulfilled the first stage of this work today," MiG CEO Sergei Korotkov was quoted as saying by Sputnik Tuesday.

"The Russian Defense Ministry has examined and accepted the design. Thus, we are carrying out the work in accordance with the schedule specified by the contract," Korotkov said.

Korotkov did not mention the number of aircraft built.

"The aircraft that is staying here is currently undergoing all the assembly stages. This year, it will be assembled and delivered to the customer for test flight,” he said.

The MiG-35 features include the ability to lock on to 10 targets simultaneously. It can carry a larger payload than its predecessors, including a 30mm gun, air-to-air, air-to-surface, anti-ship, and anti-radar missiles, as well as rockets, bombs, and aerial mines.

The MiG-35 also has electronic warfare capabilities and an anti-missile system.

Pilots will use helmet imaging systems and can perform refueling operations both as recipient and donor.

Travelling at Mach 2.23 – or 2.23 times the speed of sound – the new plane can travel 1.5 times farther than the MiG-29.

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