Russian Experts De-mine 120 Explosives in Syria's Palmyra After ISIS Defeat

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  • 12:55 PM, April 5, 2016
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Russian Experts De-mine 120 Explosives in Syria's Palmyra After ISIS Defeat
A landmine in Syrian Palmyra (Image: defaiya)

Russian bomb disposal squad has demined over 120 explosives so far with help from Syrian Arab Army.

The land mines had been planted by ISIS terrorists in Syrian historic city, Palmyra before they were defeated by Syrian and Russian Forces.

“The members of the engineering squad  formed by the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces have begun engineering reconnaissance and demining roads leading to the historical part of Palmyra city and its surroundings,” Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Monday.

The ministry said that the Russian experts have discovered and rendered safe over 120 explosive devices and cleared about 1 kilometer of roads from explosive items, adding that the experts are using dogs and a variety of devices to detect mines and detonators.

The Ministry said that during engineering reconnaissance, specialists from the International Anti-Mine Center discovered and removed homemade explosive devices placed in asphalted roads, intersections, roadside buildings, and facilities including power substations, water pumping stations, bakeries and hospitals, noting that some of the explosive devices included pipe bombs anti-tank mines equipped with electric detonators.

The Ministry pointed out that those explosive devices that couldn’t be removed were disposed of via controlled detonation using special pressure charges after taking the necessary security measures.

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