Kalashnikov Delivers Vikhr-1 Guided Missiles To Russia

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  • 01:58 PM, April 5, 2016
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Kalashnikov Delivers Vikhr-1 Guided Missiles To Russia
Kalashnikov Vikhr-1 guided missiles (Image: Rostec)

Kalashnikov has delivered Vikhr-1 guided missiles worth $191 million to the Russian Armed Forces.

" We have not only managed to establish large-scale production of the new missiles, Vikhr-1 but also have been able to complete the order in the shortest possible time to solve the problem of replacement of imported components for domestic missiles,” General Director of Kalashnikov, Alexei Krivoruchko said in a press statement Tuesday.

To date, all conditions stipulated by the contract for the supply of ammunition was successfully implemented,” Krivoruchko said.

Kalashnikov was selected by the defense ministry in July 2013. The cost of the contract is estimated to about 13 billion rubles.

Vikhr-1 is designed to defeat armored vehicles and low-speed air targets. It has a maximum range up to 10 km and can be carried out from a height of 4000 meters.

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