Russian Aerospace Forces Gets Upgraded Tupolev Tu-95MS Bomber

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  • 02:16 PM, April 6, 2016
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Russian Aerospace Forces Gets Upgraded Tupolev Tu-95MS Bomber
Russian Aerospace Forces Gets Upgraded Tupolev Tu-95MS Bomber

The Russian Aerospace Forces has received second upgraded Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic bomber, the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) reported on Tuesday.

"The plane has been upgraded within the framework of the state contract. Experts of the Tupolev joint stock company constantly carry out the work to maintain combat efficiency of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ Long-Range Aviation planes in part of the aircraft’s upgrading with more efficient and advanced systems," TASS stated the press service.

According to the UAC press service, the plane was handed over to the Aerospace Forces on April 4. The first upgraded aircraft was delivered in November 2015. 

UAC reported previously that the Russian industry in 2015-2016 would modernize more than 10 strategic bombers Tu-95MS. Now the Russian Aerospace Forces have a few tens of Tu-95MS the main armament of which are the X-55 strategic cruise missiles. 

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